How It Works

How does a boat lift work?

On their own, boat lifts do their primary job quite well — they lift your boat out of the water. Your boat rests on padded bunk boards that are attached to a pair of I-beams, forming a cradle. Using a pulley system, mechanized stainless steel cables on the ends of the I-beams raise and lower the cradle as needed. Once raised in its cradle, your boat is high and dry. But it is also susceptible to heavy winds, which cause your boat to swing on those boat lift cables like a pendulum. The patent-pending Boat Lift Lock stops the swaying motion by securing the I-beams to your pilings, creating a sturdy structure.


Securely installing your Boat Lift Lock
To install the four arms that make up the Boat Lift Lock system, we first raise your boat lift to its highest position. We then attach the arms to each of the four pilings, securing them with stainless steel bolts. We ensure the arm is level. The arms use a drop pin to engage the locking mechanism we firmly attach to the I-beam.


Locking your boat lift into place

When it’s time to deploy the Boat Lift Lock, raise your lift to its highest position and lock the stationary arms into place with the drop pin. Slide the adjustable arms into position and lock them into place with the patent-pending turnbuckle. This creates the structural support for your lift.


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