Annual Inspection Service

Why should boat
safety equipment
be inspected?

The Boat Lift Lock is manufactured in the USA, using raw materials from the USA. It is built to last, using marine-grade aluminum and stainless-steel nuts and bolts. These materials and our equipment are closely inspected. We perform Quality Control Checks at each stage in the manufacturing process and our product is strength- tested. Our installers follow strict guidelines. With all these safeguards in place, why do we recommend an annual inspection of our boat safety equipment?


Complete customer satisfaction is our goal.

We want to make sure you are using the Boat Lift Lock to its full potential. We keep reports on every installation. We are following up with our customers to ensure their complete satisfaction with the product and the process. All boat safety equipment should be checked regularly, the Boat Lift Lock is no exception.

Enjoy peace of mind with an Annual Inspection

Adding our Annual Inspection Service to your purchase adds value to your Boat Lift Lock system. Our expert installers will inspect your Boat Lift Lock to make sure it has not sustained any damage during the year. Damaged boat safety equipment can pose a danger to the skipper and the passengers. Our Annual Inspection Service will give you peace of mind.


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