Mother Nature can be devastating.
Don’t be a sitting duck, give yourself a fighting chance!

A New Product Is Born

The intention of the Boat Lift Lock system was to develop an easily deployable system to secure the entire boat lift to pilings and help hold the boat in position in high wind and tidal surge events. We essentially wanted to give home owners a fighting chance when boats could not be removed from lifts. The whole system can be deployed in around 10 minutes with no tools.


Mechanical engineer solves boat lift swing problem

Boat lift lock was designed to lessen the boat sway while attached to the boat lift during high wind events such as tropical storms and hurricanes. Its patent pending design allows quick and easy deployment with no tools. Once deployed the boat lift and pilings form a rigid solid structure. Boat lift lock is installed with your boat in its highest position on lift to avoid tidal surges. If a storm is coming simply raise your boat to the height Indicator on the Boatlift Lock arm mount. Lower all 4 arms and install the locking pins. Once all 4 pins have been installed you can tighten the whole structure by simply adjusting the 2 patent pending arms to make one solid structure eliminating excess movement on the lift.

Boat Lift Lock

Built to last, easy to operate.

The Boat Lift Lock is made in the U.S.A. of marine-grade aluminum, secured with stainless-steel nuts and bolts. Easily modified for your boat lift, it works with almost 90% of standard 10,000# boat lifts as is, without custom adjustments.

Boat Lift Lock
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