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Where did Boat Lift Lock originate from?

By design, boat lifts form a pendulum effect. They are typically supported by cables which in high wind events can cause the boats and lifts to sway. This swaying effect can cause damage to boats, lift pilings, and lift failures. We saw this living in SW Cape coral during hurricane IAN as many of our neighbors lost their boats and lifts. We wanted to come up with an engineered design which could be easily deployed with no tools and once deployed it connects the I beam to pilings creating a rigid solid structure strengthening the entire lift.


What makes Boat Lift Lock so valuable and necessary?

It gives the boat owner a sense of security, especially seasonal homeowners if they are unable to remove their boat from water and place it on dry land before a storm.


What are the benefits of Boat Lift Lock?

Quick easy deployment

Secures lift to pilings forming a more rigid structure.

No tools required.

Permanently installed lies at the ready

10 minutes to install.

Boats can be locked in the highest position to help prevent theft.


What is a Boat Lift Lock manufactured from?

We use USA made materials Aluminum and stainless steel.


Where is the Boat Lift Lock manufactured?

We manufacture in the USA. Our manufacturer has over 40 years’ experience manufacturing aerospace, pharmaceutical and many other diverse industries. We use state-of-the-art CNC machining to ensure all parts are manufactured to the highest quality and consistency.


Is it necessary to do an annual inspection?

Although the materials used are the best available for the saltwater environment. Any safety equipment should be inspected annually, salt water is a corrosive environment and with time can degrade the material and lessen its ability. 


How does Boat Lift Lock work?

There are 4 aluminum arms which mount to the pilings. On one side of the lift we install 2 solid aluminum 2 inch arms which when deployed simply pin to the lift eye beams. On the other side of the lift we mount our Patent Pending adjustable Boat Lift Lock arms which also pin to the eye beams. Once all 4 arms have been lowered and pinned to the lift you simply tighten the 2 adjustable arms to form the rigid structure.


What makes our product Unique?

The turnbuckles once adjusted can then be locked in position to avoid loosening.  


How complicated is it to install?

Very simple, attach the arms to the eye beams, slide the arms to the pilings level and bolt to the pilings.


How easy is it to deploy?

Our 4 boat lift lock arms are permanently attached to the pilings. If needed simply unhook them from the pilings and install our tethered pins to the eye beam clamp. There is a height indicator which shows at what point the lift should be raised to install the arms. No tools needed.


Does Boat Lift Lock help prevent theft?

Once our Boat Lift Lock is deployed an optional padlock can be installed to our locking pins.


How long with the Boat Lift Lock last?

Our materials Aluminum and Stainless Steel are the same materials used by boat lift manufacturers; in theory our system should last the same amount of time as your boat lifting equipment.

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